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Frequently Asked Questions about


What is is a service that lets you sign up for a 'notify list', which is a one-way mailing list you can use to let your website's visitors know when you update your site.

Are there other uses for it?

Sure thing! You don't have to just let people know when you update your website. Maybe you'd like a handy one-way list to keep your family or friends updated on what you're up to, or you'd like to have a personal mailing list for some other reason, that's cool too!

Why do I need to use

The short answer is that lets you keep easy-to-use notify lists that will help your website out and keep you connected to your visitors. The long answer is here.

Can I start 2-way discussion lists with NotifyList?

Sorry, nope, NotifyList just deals with one-way notify lists right now!

When I send mail to my Notify List, who will get the bounces from people whose email addresses don't work anymore?

We take care of all that, there's no need for you to have to deal with that annoying stuff!

I have 2 websites, do I have to sign up twice?

Nope! Just sign up once and you'll be able to create multiple notify lists.

Where do I sign up?

Click right here friend! It'll take less a minute and you'll be good to go!

What is your policy on spam/UCE?

We have a very, very strict no-spam policy. We have many safeguards in place that prevent anyone from sending spam, and you can't subscribe anyone to our lists without them confirming that they want to join. We also log all the messages that go out along with the information about who is sending them, solely for this reason, and if anyone did manage to send spam, we would close their account immediately and pursue legal action.

I have a list already and I'd like to run it through now. How do I do that?

We'd love love love to host your existing lists, just email us at with your username and a brief description of the list and we'll give you instructions immediately (try to include "I want you to host my existing list" in the subject if you can). We need to have actual humans handle this so we can make sure the addresses are a legitimate list, not a spam list, and so that we can get it all smoothly into the system.

I want to make a form appear on my page for people to type their email addresses in, where do I get the html?

Click right here and you'll see a few examples of code that you can copy and paste into your web page. If you want, you can customize them yourself too, those are just suggestions. As long as you leave all the form elements in there you'll be fine!







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