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What information do we collect? collects certain user information from it's members when they sign up. This information will only be used for demographics purposes (so that we can tell advertisers "80% of our members live in the U.S.A. ", etc), but your specific information will never be shown to any 3rd party. Your email address will never ever be shared with anyone.

What do we use cookies for?
Cookies are used in the members area to authenticate users. We use these cookies only to store your session information, and they can be deleted at any point by clicking the "log out" button. These cookies are only used so that our system knows what your username is, and do not contain any personal information about you.

What is your position on unsolicited email (spam)? is very, very anti-spam. Our system is set up so that is pretty much impossible to send spam through us. Users must confirm that they want to be part of a list before joining, there is no way for listowners to mass-subscribe anyone to their list. We also take anti-spam measures to protect our users: Your email address is never printed oni any web page on our site, ever. If you keep an archive of emails you have sent to your list, your "from:" field will only show your name, not the email address you sent the mail from. For more information on our anti-spam position, read our anti-spam page.




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