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It's expressly forbidden in the terms of service to send "spam", also known as unsolicited email. Anyone who attempts to send spam through our service will have their account closed and their ISP (and webhosting company where appropriate) contacted.

We take the following steps to protect against spam:
- Noone can be signed up to a notify list without their confirmation (the so-called "double-confirmation" method) - Members' email addresses do not appear anywhere on the website, and are left out of the archives pages. Email addresses only appear in the email messages that are sent out to lists. - will remove and ban users who send spam through our or any other services, or who mention any url in any spam that they send, regardless of the methods by which they send it. - keeps a copy of each message sent and logs the sender's IP and email address, solely for the purpose of confirming any possible spam reports.

How to report spam if you receive it:

If you receive spam that you believe is related to, please forward it immediately to, who will deal with it swiftly. If you have any further questions about our no-spam policy, please write us at and we will help you out!


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