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So how does work exactly?

Glad you asked! It's easy, really easy, here is how it breaks down:


Step 1: First, you need to sign up. This take less than a minute and is just a matter of typing in a few pieces of information. You can sign up by clicking here.


navigation bar Step 2:

Next you log in to the members area and start using the service. You can create lists and then send mail to those lists.

One of the neatest things about is that you only have to sign up once and then you can create multiple lists. If you have 2 different websites that need notify lists, you can make a list for each section.

Or maybe you'd like a special list with just your friends (or relatives, or customers, etc) on it so you can send them email to let them know things, well no problem, just create another list!


Step 3:

Once you've created a list (and gotten people to join it - we'll show you how to make the "join my list" box appear on your homepage) you can send messages to it. Just click on "send a message" and you'll be able to type your message in and send it, boom!

navigation bar


Step 4: That's about all there is to it! Sure, there's a lot more to the system than that, but those are the basics! Now, aren't you just dying to sign up and start setting up lists? Well get going little cowboy, click here to sign up!


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